Working Areas
- Curtain Walling
- Facade Cladding
- Skylights, Roofing
- Doors, Windows
CWG consultancy provides specialist consultancy services to the investors for the best technology and most economical way for execution of curtain walling, glazing systems and facade cladding of all types. Independent CWG consultancy provides these services only to investors and to the architects, engineers and contractors affiliated to them in Turkey and in European countries.

Main aim is to ensure the Trust, Comfort, Durability and Economy along with the right Project, detail and application.

Dependent to the largeness, type and the related stage on, these services are realised in five phases.

1-Preparation of the Tender Specification of the Project and Principle Project Inquiry system.
2- Replying the quairies to the participants of the tender regarding the systems and standards, ensuring the comprehension of the work and to set aside eventual risk costs.
3- Studying the system Project offers of the tender participants determining the appropriateness to the Specification and building requirements.

1-1- Studying the 1/1 fabrication details and air, water, heat and sound isolation details of joinery structure and its surrounding given by the producers at the beginning of the Project.
1-2- Establishing the detail coordination between building elements and all aluminium framework details.
1-3- Helping in preparation, studying, approving and reporting the Quality Control Program for all phases.

2-1- Studying the prototype productions, approving and reporting them to the Building Management. 2-2- Realizing the field test of the curtain walls and skylights regarding the BS EN 13051 standart specified in the Specification.

3-1- Studying the specific Procedure Specifications of the production phases, if required helping in preparation and approving.
3-2- Controlling the producers existing technical equipment before the start of the Project work, checking and reporting the appropriateness of the Method of Construction regarding the International specifications and state of the art.
3-3-İf necessery, periodical controlling of the production phase and reporting the appropriateness to the Specifications and Method of Construction.

4-1- Studying, if required helping in preparation and approving of the Method of Construction given by the producer regarding the anchorage assembly and the way of testing.
4-2- Studying the Method of Construction of how and with which equipment will curtain wall assembly be made, if required helping in preparation and approving.
4-3- Periodical controlling and reporting the appropriateness regarding the details and Method of Construction of the assembly.

We are providing controlling functions of Turkish manufacturers and contractors doing business in foreign countries.

Consultancy and Controlling functions:

- Controlling the appropriateness to the standarts of the required materials specified in the order;

- In this way, we are controlling the appropriateness of the production of the Turkish companies to the agreements, international specifications and CEN norms.

-We provide, that the foreign companies rights are protected and also that they have confidence in the turkish products. We control the products which are made in Turkey, in the name of the investor.

CWG consultancy ltd.