Firma Bilgileri

Yenal Oktuğ who was one of the founding partners of Çuhadaroğlu Aluminium, Inc. since he started his career as an architect in 1966 designed, personally coordinated and executed the facade system details of many buildings world-wide, many of them being most important buildings of their countries.

Adhering to the principle that “the form, function, height, environmental and climatic conditions and other characteristic of each building being different, they must possess unique facade cladding systems and that these should be the optimum and the most economical solution,” he designed and applied more than one hundered unique systems proprietary to each of the building, which thereby acquired an individualistic personality as well as economic perfection.

Yenal Oktuğ, who spent his 40 years of professional career in designing and implementing of special façade systems for various types of building now has decided to share his experiences in his field with the whole of construction sector since 2001.